The Mind of a Conservator

This conservator is an art loving 20-something year old with a lab coat and nitrile gloves.

These two paintings by Edward Hopper were treated at the Whitney Museum of American Art. 

In 1909 Edward Hopper painted these paintings, Bridge on the Seine (left) and Le Pont Royal (right), while living in Paris. Over time, accumulated dirt and discolored varnish had obscured the paint layers. In addition, the varnish that had been applied was felt to be too glossy and out of keeping with the sensitive tonality of the paintings. Removal of these layers revealed the true colors of the brighter palette that Hopper was developing at this time, and the application of a more sympathetic layer of varnish resulted in a more appropriate surface. The treatment of these Hopper works was done in conjunction with ongoing research within the Whitney’s collection into the artist’s materials and technique.

Edward Hopper, Bridge on the Seine, 1909. (Above)

Edward Hopper, Le Pont Royal, 1909. (Below)

Check out their website for more information on their conservation treatments, here

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